◎Customer Satisfaction:
Through our hard working employees from top to bottom working as a team , providing our customer the best quality products and related services. Satisfaction guarantee is the way to gain our customers trust.

Innovation is always our spirit.  We will focus on developing new varieties of best quality and function of products to meet the market and customers needs.

◎Continuing Improvement:
Responsibility is our attitude. We take comments serious and cooperate with our customers to improve our products and service quality.

◎Continuing Operation:
We will make the most profit to share with our employees and return to our investors. Focusing on the balance between employees and employer is the 1st step to reach our continuing operation goal.

Quality is always our priority. We are always focused these policies: Team Study to improve working method and technology ability Continuing Improvement to reach goal no error Customer Satisfaction is our pride.

Large granite precision inspection station

Three-dimensional inspection instrumen

Vacuum packaging machine

Vacuum helium leak detector

 Vacuum helium leak detector

Plug gauge

Portable surface roughness

Pressure test

International measuring tool certification