History:Sung Hsing is specialized in precision machining parts and equipment manufacturing.


Change:In the early stage of business, Sung Hsing was a traditional manufacture. Our business was well recognized by customers. In recent years, the company expanded into the high tech sectors. We have renewed our facility. Now with 50 employees in 8 departments to serve our customers 24X7.


Process types:Sung Hsing supplying a wide variety of customers, including food, Textile, builders, cars, printing, PCB, semiconductor, TFT/LCD, solar, photoelectricity, LED and all kind of electronics 3C business. We work with Taiwanese major stock public companies weekly to export products worldwide: USA, Germany, France, Japan, Hong Kong, China and Thailand.


Quality:Sung Hsing has the best quality control department. Our products are strictly controlled at every stage. In our control department has the most advance testing equipment to insure all our products have perfect quality. (workpiece width within 4000mm, parallelism, flatness, accuracy guaranty within +-0.01).


R&D:In 2006, Sung Hsing developed own products- Super Tool, cutter sharpener, function for grinding surface, internal, outside diameter, and varieties CNC tool. They are indispensable for processing. Those products were soon expanded ! to both domestic and international markets.


Team Work:Team work is the working attitudes of Sung Hsing employees. Spontaneity and sharing to reach the best performance. We work with our vendor closely to make the best product. We believe we can save our customers tremendous time and cost.


Future Perspective:Sung Hsing continue in future growth and focus on continual improvement, R&D creativity, simple but efficiency management and continue educating our employees to produce the newest and the best products to satisfy our customers.